about us


Escape rooms, in addition to being live role-playing puzzle games, are a form of immersive theater; a participative, interactive theatrical experience where the ‘Fourth Wall’, that physically and emotionally separates the performer from the audience, is not just broken but eliminated. In our increasingly digital world, immersive theater & escape rooms satisfy the desire for actual hands-on experiences. The observer becomes the performer. You are the story-teller. You are the show. You are Live Art. We just provide the stage.

So, it was only natural to build our first game behind the Secret Rose Theatre in the NoHo Arts District. At ESC Escape Rooms, we have tried to create a truly immersive and entertaining escape experience.

"Nuclear Option" puts you inside two actual 25-foot shipping containers. Our future escape rooms at this location will have the same level of authenticity and detailed attention. Thanks for playing. Break a leg. Not really. But maybe.